The 2016 Tumwater Football season will be the last for our legendary coach, Sid Otton.  He has had an enormous positive impact on thousands of students and an entire community.  We will honor him throughout the year culminating with a ceremony on Saturday January 14th at Tumwater High School Pavilion.  A social time with Coach Otton will begin at 4:00 followed by a ceremony at 6:00.  Let’s take this opportunity to give back to Coach Otton with a fantastic donation we will present to him at this retirement event.  Thank you for helping our community show our appreciation for all he has done the past 43 years.

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  1. Congratulations on a successful career. You’ve set a great example for everyone you have touched. Some of my fondest memories were born on the Tumwater High School football field playing for Coach Otton in his inaugural season (1974).

  2. Coach and Marjean…we are forever greatful to you and your guidance and the influence that you and your amazing coaches have had on our 3 sons. They have benefited from your example and t-bird Creed. The Tumwater community and beyond has been influenced in amazing ways! So very excited for you both to enjoy the days and years ahead! God bless!

  3. Sid you are a great coach but more important you are a great man. Thanks for the memories of watching the young men you coached
    Have a great, long and healthy retirement

  4. Coach, you and and Marjean though your dedication and sacrifice have impacted hundreds of young men through the years and I was so fortunate and blessed to be one of them. Thank you and may both of you enjoy a well earned retirement!

    God Bless
    Lee Simmons

  5. The Otton family will have a forever impact on the Tumwater community because of the selfless way Sid and Marijean served our community in so many ways. Thank you both for your awesome example of leadership and sacrifice. May the days ahead be filled with joy from the stands instead of the sidelines.

  6. Marjean and Sid, you have impacted Sue and I so much over the years by your actions and your words. Our family is better today because of your committment and dedication to serve others and love everyone. Thank you very much, Jamie and Sue

  7. Thank you Coach and Marjean for coming to Tumwater so many years ago. In that simple move you have changed a community and generations of young men and women. And you created Family.
    You both hold a special place in my heart, enjoy a well earned retirement.
    Much love,
    Andy Lally
    ’77 squad

  8. Coach Otton and Marjean,
    You certainly took the statement, “Stand Taller” to new heights. You have been an incredible part of this community, helping to form the backbone that is more than great football. You have inspired so many people with your soft approach. We love you and hope to see you around still, even after retirement.

  9. Coach Otton — Your patience and understanding for individuals, especially young men who think they know everything will always be remembered by me, it is something I strive for with my son and family. It was truly enjoyable to play for you and all the opportunities you provided to me to be better. Our discussions and your encouragement and discipline will never be forgotten. Though I didn’t realize it at the time; many of your procedures and processes through-out practice and game days are things I still remember today and use in my personal and business life.

    I’ve enjoyed watching your teams over the years and especially the sideline access where I can continue to still feel like some part of the team. My son truly enjoys the experience and is always requesting that we go to Friday night games even though we do not live in the Tumwater District.

    I wish you and your family well in retirement, you will be missed but not forgotten.

    #42 – 1979 — “Twin Right 331 Dog on the first go – ready break”

  10. Coach-
    I hope you already know the great impact you’ve made on my life. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and can’t thank you enough for the traits you’ve instilled in me. Your unmatched influence will continue to reach generations to come and everyone who is lucky enough to know you or learn from your teachings is making this world a better place. From my family to yours we thank you more than you’ll ever know. Lots of love to all the Otton’s from the Johnsons.


  11. Coach Otton, Not a day goes by that I don’t benefit from the lessons and inspirations learned from you (I have two T-Bird road-signs posted by my entry gate in Montana: one says “Keeping the Dream Alive” and the other, “T-Bird Power”). The memories from the field are priceless, but the preparation skills, focus, and G.R.E.E.N. have helped immensely each day as I aim to be the best husband, father, businessman, and citizen that I can be. Countless young men in your T-Bird family have enjoyed these same benefits from your guidance. Thank you for your generous time and efforts in building the Green Machine! Your legacy will influence generations to come. I love you, Coach.
    #85: ’88-’90

  12. Hi Sid,
    Congratulations on a remarkable career! While my time with you was only 4 years, I am very thankful for your friendship over the years. I have often used your accomplishments and contributions made to the community and to so many young men as examples of what can happen when one has the passion and belief to do so.
    God Bless you, Marjean, Tim, Brad and Tana and the whole Otton famiy.

  13. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King

    Coach, you have taught this to thousands. I hear about it in my office time and time again.

    You truly are one of my heroes!

  14. Hey thanks Coach. Obviously some great memories with The Otton crew from back in the day (was just talking about asking to leave at halftime of blowouts for Weber games 🙂 Anyway, my own pops is my hero, but you’re right up there as an incredible, influential fella. Just as impressive away from the gridiron too. Enjoy retirement!

  15. Coach Otton,
    I believe you and your Tumwater Football program made a huge difference in my son, Tyler Short’s life. I believe he was going to take the wrong path until he entered the program. I don’t know how you do it, all I know it that my son is a great human being and I think you should take credit for it! I know that he is a great parent and all around good guy. I know you are proud of him too.
    thank you.

  16. Coach, I can’t thank you enough for shaping the culture of Tumwater High School for so many years. I was an extremely blessed principal during my time at THS to have someone of your influence impacting the hearts and minds of the young men who walked our hallways. You helped make my job easy and one of the best in the world. Thank you for your forever impact!

  17. Thank you coach for providing something that few coaches can deliver. Some of my greatest memories came from the annual football camps and seasons.
    In many ways, Tumwater football provided a much better experience than many colleges can provide to young athletes.
    Most of us T-Birds came away with a hard work ethic, and a never quit attitude.
    Throughout the years it was always a pleasant surprise to pick up a USA Today publication and find something written about the T-Bird accomplishments, and it was also a treat to go watch your son play for USC at the L.A. Colosseum. Thanks.

  18. Just seemed right to give THANKS on this Thanksgiving Day to you, Coach Otton, for the positive influence you had and the life skills you bestowed on so many young men passing through the great Tumwater Football “Hall of Fame”! We love you, Otton Family! Wishing you a happy and relaxing retirement from Bernie, Helen and the Johnson Family “GATA”!!

  19. Thank you Coach Otton! I can’t thank you enough for the influence you had and continue to have on my life. The life lessons and values that you taught me are invaluable. You taught me to strive for greatness in all aspects of life and are like family to me. Throughout my college and NFL career you continued to give me guidance and I thank you for that. I hope you realize the great impact you have had on so many people. Thank you again for everything! NGUNNGU


  20. Coach Otton…..I have a lot of great memories of you. It wasn’t just as a football coach but also as a teacher and as a great family man. It was easy to give 100% for the coaching staff you had. It takes heart and effort to succeed in this world and I know everyone that has gone through your program has these traits. The discipline and teamwork that you taught us while playing is used daily with the team of employees I now have. And believe me, it takes a team to succeed. Thanks for all of the great memories. Enjoy life and retirement.

  21. Coach, the perspective of time has crystallized the enormity of your impact on my life. Twenty years ago I thought I was just learning how to play football. It was so much more. Guts, grit, and discipline instilled back then have been an asset every day since exiting the locker room for the last time. T-Bird values ripple across generations inspiring so many more then just the men that suited up. The benchmark you’ve set is untouchable and inspiring. So proud and privileged to be a part of this family. Thank you.

  22. When I graduated from Tumwater, I worked a more or less full time job while going to Centralia College. The only way I was able to juggle all this and get though the classes was to take good notes in class and study before the tests. Well, guess who taught me how to take notes in Health Class. Recently, a friend of mine texted me and thanked me for teaching him to use good form in the weight room because everyone that he was working out with was getting injured but him. Well, guess who taught me how to properly weight train.

    Last week at the game, I was able to reconnect with a few teammates that I hadn’t seen for a while. I have given thought to this previously as well but it was notable to me that these people have gone on to be teachers, coaches, engineers, managers…Master’s Degree this, CPA that… and have certainly countered the sometimes negative stereotypes associated with athletes. I believe that this is a testament to the fact that the values that you have taught reach much further than just playing football. They have been instrumental in creating overall successful people. Thank you for all you have done!

  23. Coach…thank you, from the bottom of my heart. The principles you taught us everyday, are what I still work and live by. Over time, we ask ourselves, “did I make a difference in somebody’s life.” Coach, your list of those people, well, there isn’t enough thought in the day. You are special!!

    Thank you for teaching our 1977 team how to dream, how to believe, how to laugh how to cry, and how to win. I love my teammates….and I thank for showing us how.

    The best to you and your wonderful family Coach.

  24. Thank you Mr. Otton for all the wonderful memories, while I didn’t play football, my family and I enjoyed many games cheering on our favorite team. I got my love of the game from watching the game from watching these games. I continued to go for some time after I graduated until such time my child started playing. I only wish we had lived in Tumwater, while he played for he would of shined under your guidance. Good Luck with the next step in your life, and enjoy it all, Your presence on the field will be missed for years to come.

  25. Thank you coach Otton. You were an inspiration to me and hundreds of others. Your leadership helped shape my life. I often draw on the lessons learned under your command. Not a day goes by that I don’t use something you taught me. You’re as good as they get.
    Twin Injection
    God Bless
    Steve Haynie #7

  26. Coach, You and Marjean will always hold a special place in the Beattie families hearts. Your influence in my life is used everyday, I would not be doing what I am, if it wasn’t for you! Our 1977 season is one that will always be talked about among our class and one that changed the course of a lot of our lives, yes we were fortunate to win games but the life lessons we learned will last a lifetime. Thank You!

  27. Coach Otton my son is Terry Harms.
    Over the yrs I have heard wonderful stories about you and your wife.
    Thank you for being a kind and caring man,coach and friend to so many children.
    My son has already told me it just not going to be the same.
    Enjoy your retirement .
    thank you
    Jane Zahorik(mother of Terry Harms)

  28. Thanks to Sid Otton for developing me not only as a football player but as I man. He played an incremental role in me earning a Football scholarship to Central Washington University allowing me to pursue higher education!

  29. Thanks Sid and Marjean for all that you have done for our family over so many years!! We appreciate your influence on us and our sons. We love being part of the T-Bird family and observing your positive attitudes and love up close and personal. You are not only examples to us, your kids, and grandkids but to the whole community!! Wishing you the best retirement ever and the ability to follow your family around and enjoy all of their adventures!!

  30. Thank you Coach Otton for all you have done for the GRAHAM’s. You welcomed us into the TBIRD family and we made it our HOME. Your positive INFLUENCE has been the reason for all our SUCCESSES and HAPPINESS. We cannot thank you enough and HOPE that retirement is as rewarding as your coaching has been.

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